In a past life, we helped a lot of old ladies across the street.

Looking for one of your favourite Fleas Knees tees? Well, they are coming back.

The tees you have loved for years are coming back under a whole new exciting brand umbrella. Effective Fall 2015, GingerDog.ca will be home of this much-adored line-up.

Check out GingerDog.ca regularly to be among the first to place your order when the tees relaunch.

We’re not sure what we did in a past life. But whatever it was, it must’ve been pretty great. Here is a smattering of the people and organizations we love, and who — we like to think — love us back. We like to call these guys — oh God, lump in throat — friends.

Professional friends


Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the Fleas.

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